Our mission: to produce the most sustainable animal proteins in the world!

Bugslab is an Italian foodtech start-up focusing on the production of insects and insect-based products. Founded in 2020 by three friends, Bugslab currently operates in the internationally renowned food valley of Parma, Italy. 

Our farming technology already allows us to produce high quantities of insect protein in the most sustainable way. We began production in 2022 and now supply some of the largest buyers of insects in Italy and Europe.

Our current production is mainly focused on crickets and yellow mealworms, recently approved by the EU for both animal and human consumption.
Food production contributes around 40% of globalgreenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, two thirds of which comes from animal production. Insects on average require between 1/10 and 1/100 of the resources, including GHG and water, of livestock to produce 1kg of protein.

We believe insects are a key component of a future, more sustainable future, food production system.


With a degree in Animal Production Technology, Francesco is an experienced zootechnician with 10 years of expertise in a variety of livestock farms in the Parma region.


With a background in the food and beverage industry, Salvatore has gained insect rearing experience in a UK specialized insect farm before co-founding Bugslab.


Michele has a degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Finance, with expertise in debt and equity investments troughout Europe.